The Strong Arm - Security Door Latch - SA36 (fits 42

The Strong Arm - Security Door Latch - SA36 (fits 42" doorways)

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The Strong Arm is an industrial door latch and a unique locking device that adds another layer of security. Perfect for out-swinging or “back” doors.

This top-quality door security latch offers exceptional design and convenient features, such as:

  • More effective than dead bolt locks.
  • Sleek and sturdy Stainless Steel design.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Low cost and maintenance free.
  • Stainless Steel rods penetrate both sides of the door jamb.
  • Attractive slim line appearance.
  • Optional outside access with a key
  • Patented strength & reliability

Out-swinging doors, common in commercial and industrial settings, have hinges on the outside. This fact makes these doors especially vulnerable to break-ins, as criminals can simply take apart the hinges and remove the door to get inside. Dead bolt locks are rendered ineffective when doors are manipulated this way.

The Strong Arm door latch prevents these break-ins by securing both sides of the door to the door jamb. Stainless steel rods penetrate both sides of the door jamb, keeping the door secure even if the hinges are removed.

The Strong Arm Industrial Door Latch

Door Latch Installation:

Standard installations require only a few tools and a complete set of easy to understand instructions are provided.


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